Did you know that your SYKES HDHP medical policy includes access to virtual medical care? When you’re sick, or have a sick child, the last thing you want to do is leave home to sit in a waiting room. Now with our virtual medical options, you don’t have to! Board certified, licensed doctors can diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions and write prescriptions.


General Medical: Seasonal allergies, bladder infection/urinary tract infection, bronchitis, cold/flu, sinus problems, sore throat, stomach ache, migraine/headaches, pink eye
Dermatological: Skin rash, acne, infections, abrasions, moles/warts
Behavioral: Stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, grief counseling

Virtual medical appointments are:

  • Convenient: Consult from home, work or on the go
  • Fast: No appointment needed – available day or night; weekends and holidays
  • Affordable: A fraction of the cost of an ER visit – generally less than or equal to your office copay

Virtual medical appointments are not for:

  • Anything that needs a hands-on exam
  • Anything that needs a test
  • Cancer or other complicated conditions
  • Chronic conditions
  • International visits
  • Sprains/broken bones or injuries requiring bandaging

Get started today. Follow the steps below for your medical coverage provider (determined by state of residence).

Blue Cross Blue Shield



  1. Log in to Teladoc to set up your account.
  2. Update your medical history on the “My Medical History” tab so the doctor has the information needed to provide an accurate diagnosis.
  3. Request a consult from a Teladoc doctor anytime, online or by phone.

United Healthcare



  1. Register anytime with myuhc.com, then request a virtual visit when you are sick.
  2. Get a diagnosis and prescription * (if needed) in 20 minutes or less.
  3. Pay $40 or less with your United Healthcare plan. **

* Prescription services may not be available in all states.
**Check your official health plan documents for full details.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or life-threatening medical condition, you should seek appropriate emergency medical assistance such as calling 911.

SYKES is now part of Sitel Group®. Visit www.sitel.com for more information.
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