At SYKES, your overall wellness is important to us – even when you’re not at work. That’s why we’re excited to offer a brand-new library of wellness webinars to help support your physical, mental and emotional well-being, as well as that of your family. Grab a snack and curl up on the couch after work to watch a personal wellness webinar on a topic that is meaningful and helpful for you. Check back often as new webinars are added weekly.

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Loneliness and Social Isolation In Today’s World  In a time when isolation seems to be the new normal, studies rank loneliness as a health risk comparable to smoking. Check out this webinar for ways to increase emotional connection with others and decrease your risk of social isolation.

Stress: A Way of Life or a Fact of Life Do you manage your stress, or does your stress manage you? Launch this webinar to learn how to identify what your stressors are and find ways to tackle high stress levels.

Counseling & Therapy, Demystified Does the word “counseling” or “therapy” have you feeling uneasy? Then this webinar is for you! Learn what happens during a counseling session and what to expect when seeking services.

Communication Skills for Families Are you struggling to master the fine art of communication, especially within your own family? Check out this webinar to learn helpful tips for improving and enhancing family communication.

No Such Thing as a ‘Perfect Parent’ It’s not possible to get everything right 100% of the time, and that’s especially true of parenting. In this helpful webinar, we’ll explore the myth of the “perfect parent” while learning ways to let go of perfection and move toward a more balanced parenting approach.

Engaging in Creative Play with Children When your child says, ‘Can you play with me?’, do you struggle to find ways to engage in creative play that will benefit your child’s cognitive, social and emotional development? Learn more about the benefits and importance of creative play for both you and your child in this webinar.

The Successful Single Parent If you’ve found yourself going solo on the journey of parenthood, you are likely faced with some special challenges in raising your child. Finding the time and energy to be a full-time parent and provider without the regular help of a partner can be a real struggle.  Watch this webinar for tips, suggestions and resources to help you successfully juggle parenting single handedly.

Communicating the Tough Stuff to Your Child: Drugs, Alcohol, Sex and Peer Pressure It can be tough to be a teenager today—and tough to be a parent of a teenager. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by stories about adolescents and violence, sex, drugs, suicides, alcohol and crime. Learn skills to communicate difficult subject matter to your teenagers in this helpful webinar.

Preparing for Financial Emergencies You work hard for your money, but an unexpected financial emergency could set you back if you’re not prepared.  And the best time to prepare, of course, is well in advance. This webinar will cover some steps to help you survive various types of financial emergencies.

The Five Pillars of Personal Finance How would you rate your knowledge of personal finances? If you feel that you’re lacking in some areas, this webinar is for you. It will take you back to the basics by covering practical skills you need to manage your finances like a pro.

The Psychology Behind Saving Money and Other Good Financial Habits You probably already know that it’s important to live within your means and save for the future. Unfortunately, sometimes good intentions just aren’t enough. This webinar addresses the psychology behind saving money and adopting good financial habits.

Paying Off Debt While Building Wealth During difficult times, you may find yourself struggling just to keep up with monthly bills, let alone pay off debt. This webinar focuses on helping you set up an effective strategy for paying off debt, while also building personal wealth.

The Importance of Participating in Your Employer’s Retirement Plan Have you been considering participating in the SYKES 401(k) Plan but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? There’s no time like the present to start planning for a secure financial future, and SYKES can help! Take advantage of this webinar to help you understand how a 401(k) plan works and the benefits you receive by participating.

Life After Divorce: Landing on Your Feet Divorce can be one of life’s most stressful and emotionally challenging experiences. If you’re struggling to understand and deal with the emotional and physical stresses that come with divorce, this webinar can help.

Making the Most of Family Occasions Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by the expectation to create special and memorable family occasions? This webinar will help you balance your expectations with reality while creating less stressful, more pleasant and meaningful family events.

Communicating Without Conflict with Your Significant Other Anyone in a significant relationship with another person has no doubt experienced conflict. Conflict is a part of life and exists in all relationships. Attend this webinar to learn ground rules for arguing and resolving conflict constructively.

Single After all These Years If you’re grieving the loss of a relationship, whether through a break-up, divorce or death, you might be at a loss as to how to move forward with your life. This webinar will help you learn how to accept and acknowledge your feelings, take charge of your life and make this change more manageable.

Gratitude: A Skill for Happier Living Do you look forward to each day with positive expectations? Grateful living improves your outlook on yourself, your situations and the people you interact with each day. In this webinar, learn the skill of gratitude with some simple practices to help you focus on the positive elements of your life.

Laughter, Humor and Play to Reduce Stress and Solve Problems We could all use more smiling, laughter and humor in our daily routines. Think you have to be a professional comedian to take advantage of their benefits? Think again. This helpful webinar will teach you how to use these valuable skills to boost your mood, reduce stress and build relationships.

Managing Worry and Anxiety Chronic worry and anxiety can become a mental habit that negatively impacts your quality of life. You may find that well-intended suggestions to “stop worrying” or to apply common stress management techniques are mostly ineffective. This webinar will address how worry habits develop and teach you some positive strategies to acknowledge, accept and intervene with worry and anxiety.

Walking for Mental Health Walking is commonly recognized as a source of exercise with well-known physical health benefits. But did you know you can also walk your way to improved emotional and mental health? This webinar will present some techniques and benefits of different types of walking practices.

Managing Holiday Stress The holidays can be one of the happiest times of the year, but they can also be one of the most stressful. Between office parties, family get-togethers, children’s holiday events, gift buying and more, you can begin to feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions. This webinar provides an overview of common stressors as well as some stress busting tips to help you have an enjoyable holiday season!

After the Holidays: Managing that Debt Did you spend more than you intended to this holiday season? Worried about how you’ll pay the debts off? Holiday shopping can derail even the best budget and leave you with stress-inducing post-holiday credit card bills. Watch this webinar to learn strategies for getting out of debt quickly and taking steps to make sure you aren’t in this same position next year.

Living Simply: Simplify Your Life The digital and consumer-driven nature of the world we live in can often leave us distracted, overwhelmed, confused and stressed. If you are interested in identifying ways to prioritize and simplify your life by adopting habits of “digital mindfulness”, check out this helpful webinar.  

Where are You Going? Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success A life without goals is like a road trip without a map. Do you need tips on how to set and stick with both personal and professional goals in your life? This webinar will help you describe effective goals, identify pitfalls to achieving them and determine an action plan to keep you motivated and on the road to success. 

How to Make a Habit of Success The start of a new year offers a fantastic opportunity to assess our current situations and make sure we’re still making progress. As the needs, priorities and situations in our life change, we made to make changes to ensure our work and personal habits are still moving toward our work/life goals. Listen to this helpful webinar to gain insight and skills toward achieving your goals.  

Eating Healthy on a Budget Are you looking for ways to cut down on your grocery bills while still eating right? Don’t let the idea that healthy food is expensive keep you from improving your eating habits. Listen to this webinar to learn new strategies to stick to your budget while enjoying healthy, nutritious foods.

Healthy Lifestyle: Changing the Way You Think About Diet and Exercise It can be tough finding the best way to control your weight and increase fitness through changes in diet and exercise. This webinar provides an overview of healthy lifestyle tips to help you improve your overall fitness.

Becoming a Better Listener Statistics show that people remember only half of what they hear, even moments after they’ve heard it. Surprising? The fact is that while most of us like to think we’re good listeners, we could all benefit from this webinar offering strategies to help us improve our listening skills.

Initiating Difficult Conversations If you are like most people, you probably find it difficult to have a productive conversation in serious or unpleasant situations. Join this webinar to learn practical skills to help you initiate uncomfortable conversations and find solutions without blame or defensiveness.

The Finances of Purchasing Your Own Home Are you interested in becoming a homeowner, but need a better understanding about the home buying process with all its complexities? This webinar will guide you through the processes, parties involved and financial best practices in making such a big investment.

New Realities of Home Ownership Considering purchasing or refinancing your home? As a potential buyer, it’s important to understand the impacts of the current housing market on lending standards. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the expectations of lenders and how to improve your finances and credit to increase the possibility of qualifying for a loan in today’s environment.

Mental Fitness for Optimal Brain Power Is your brain operating at peak performance? Just like physical exercise helps keep our body performing its best, certain mental behaviors and activities can strengthen existing neural pathways, slow cognitive decline and keep our brains working at optimal power. Check out this webinar if you’re interested in working out one of the most important organs in the body, your brain.

Improving Your Memory Think you have a bad memory? The truth is, most people don’t have bad memories, they just haven’t learned how to use their memory efficiently. Memory is a skill, and like any skill, it can be developed and improved with practice. This webinar offers tips and tools for building your memory muscles.

Languishing, Flourishing and Your Mental Health Are you rising and conquering, or just surviving? Managing work responsibilities, family life and personal situations can seem overwhelming at times. The feeling of languishing is all around us and can have a huge impact on our mental health. If you’re coping with excessive stress or worry, or feeling stuck in a rut, check out this helpful webinar.

Hobbies for Mental and Physical Health Are you guilty of prioritizing everyone else’s needs above your own? Spending time on hobbies that you truly enjoy is a great investment in your own mental and physical health. Learn about the benefits of hobbies to help you de-stress, improve your ability to focus and feel better about yourself in this practical webinar.

Unconscious Bias We all hold biases we aren’t aware of. While these biases can aid us in making decisions, they can also leave out part of the story, leading to a society where everyone is operating from their own viewpoint. This webinar will help us to identify our biases and their impact and how to disrupt or reduce them for more inclusive, socially responsible and diverse perspectives.

Being a Socially Responsible Person Social responsibility is about acting in ways that benefit others or the larger society. These actions often lead to increased happiness, more social connections and a feeling of being connected to something greater than ourselves. Learn more about the benefits of being socially responsible and explore some new ways to increase your engagement in socially responsible activities in this helpful webinar.

Work-Life Balance in a Work From Home Environment When working from home, it can be a difficult to develop a successful work-from-home plan and achieve the optimal, and sometimes elusive, work-life balance. If you’re in need of strategies to help you navigate work tasks amidst disruptions, varied family routines and the potential pressure to open that laptop after hours, this webinar is for you.

Autonomy: Strengthening Your Ability to Work Independently As remote work becomes more and more popular, have you found yourself struggling to adjust and thrive in a work at home environment?  This webinar looks at the skills needed to develop autonomy and the ways it impacts your success at work.

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